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What are SmartDeals?

TripAdvisor's SmartDeals index gives consumers one place to go to find all the best rates on a city's most highly recommended hotels. The SmartDeals index searches multiple vendor sites (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.) to find special web rates for all the hotels in a given city. However, finding a great rate is only part of the equation. How can you tell if the hotel is a great place to stay? With TripAdvisor SmartDeals, all of the hotels offering special web deals are already ranked using TripAdvisor's Hotel Popularity Index. TripAdvisor is the only site that dynamically ranks more than 75,000 hotels in major cities worldwide based on the popularity of a given hotel, as measured by both the quantity and quality of content written about the hotel on the web.

How can I tell if a hotel has SmartDeals available?

If a hotel has SmartDeals, you'll see them listed after the SmartDeals lightbulb.

Which cities feature SmartDeals?

We currently show SmartDeals in the top tourist destinations worldwide. If a city has SmartDeals, you'll see a SmartDeals tab on all of its pages. Click the tab, and you'll be taken to a page with a listing of our top SmartDeals for that city.