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Since Dec 2005

50-64 year old female

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

It's hard for me to select one of the choices for travel style or make a general statement on what I do when traveling....it depends on where I am! I certainly don't expect to have the same kind of vacation in, say, Paris as I do in the South Pacific. Sometimes traveling is about exploring new places and enjoying activities, and sometimes it's about lying around on a beach drinking drinks with little umbrellas in them. I travel for pleasure between 3 and 5 months of the year. I tend to take longer holidays----4 to 6 weeks at a time----and really get to know a place. When possible I prefer to rent a house/condo/apartment (even during very short stays) as opposed to staying in a room at a hotel or resort. I just love having the space of several rooms, and having a kitchen---it's nice to be able to make oneself a cup of tea and some toast and sit on a balcony overlooking the city/beach/countryside....not to mention being able to have tha occasional beer without having to go find a pub! However, I also do occasionally like to pamper myself at someplace really nice, and have a few favourite places for that......Le Metropole in Beaulieu sur Mer immediately comes to mind! If I am going someplace new on a "touring around" sort of holiday, I spend a lot of time studying the area and deciding in a general way what I want to see and what particular areas of the country I don't want to miss. Then when I get there I will often rent a car for a few weeks and have no specific itinerary....although I am often inclined to start in the city and end at the beach. My real pleasures are sailing and flying. I love to sail and part of my traveling during the year always involves sailing---whether here on the coast of Maine or yacht charters in various parts of the world, particularly the South Pacific. The last 12 month's travel included France (Paris of course, and then a few leisurely weeks driving around Burgundy, the Alps, the Luberon, Provence, and winding up on the Cote d'Azur), yacht charter in the Kingdom of Tonga, a driving tour of New South Wales plus a yacht charter in the Whitsunday Islands, revisiting Tokyo, a couple of trips to Antigua, and a month-plus of cruising the Maine coast. I have lived in Tokyo, Paris, and London as well as Maine and Raitea. As I was growing up my parents had a home in Antigua, and I myself have owned a home there for over 20 years. Here in Maine I am a Portland History Docent and give historic/architectural tours as a volunteer for Greater Portland Landmarks.
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