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Since Dec 2006

50-64 year old female

Guerneville, CA, USA

I am an innkeeper (have been for 16 years). Before that I worked for a large hotel chain as Director of Sales for a couple of their hotels and prior to that I was a travel agent for about 6 years- mostly budget travel. I have loved to travel all of my life. I like going places and seeing how the local folks live. I stay away from fancy hotels and resorts because they insulate me too much from the local people and culture. As an innkeeper, I try to give my guests the type of experience they are looking for... with an emphasis on the little secret places that only a local would know about. Which is exactly what I look for when I travel. Lately I haven't gotten to travel that much (innkeeping ties one down) and most of my trips are to recharge my energy on a sunny beach for a couple of weeks!
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