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TripAdvisor is looking for entrepreneurial, full stack engineers to help open our new development center in Dublin. You'll work peer-to-peer with our engineering organization headquartered outside Boston. Our Dublin engineers will be working on live site functionality across all parts of TripAdvisor and delivering weekly features viewed by millions of people worldwide.

We're TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site.
Here are just a few reasons you'll love working here.
  • The energy of a start-up, the support of a profitable company
  • First-rate colleagues
  • Huge datasets and near-perfect uptime
  • World-class benefits, including generous paid time off, free lunches and snacks, retirement savings plans, and more
  • Hearing your friends say, "You work at TripAdvisor? I love that site"
Plus, we've got audacious goals to continue to evolve the travel research experience at scale. Join our Dublin team and be a key component of our success!
Engineers: Apply now
Ready for new challenges? Find them here.
We're currently hiring junior and senior engineers across multiple areas.
TripAdvisor is looking for engineers to help us to help connect the worlds largest and most trusted travel site with the worlds leading travel brands. In this role you will build real time connections between TripAdvisor and our partners at true web-scale. These connections provide TripAdvisor's millions of users with the information they need to choose and book their dream vacations. This is a key business objective and a significant portion of this work will be done in the TripAdvisor's Dublin Engineering Hub.
  • Be part of a critical growth area for TripAdvisor in 2014 and beyond
  • Work on API integrations at immense scale
  • Be involved in work that is highly visible to the world-wide TripAdvisor organization
The Personalization team is a new one at TripAdvisor, with a mission of helping users find content more quickly by analyzing their activity on our site, and the activity of the TripAdvisor user population as a whole. We provide a better user experience, and by doing so increase the likelihood that user will book a hotel, a flight, or another activity through our site. Our work impacts millions of users every day. Our team is autonomous and cross-functional, working with the business, product team, and other engineering groups on brand new functionality across TripAdvisor.com web sites.
  • Chance to work with predictive analytics, data mining, large scale real-time data analysis, and statistical modeling
  • Leverage our gigantic data set within highly responsive user experiences
  • Touch code at every level from the UI, to the servlets and backend services, down to the database or other data storage application
TripAdvisor for Business / Partnerships (T4B)
A true full-stack team responsible for integrating TripAdvisor content and content collection tools for thousands of websites worldwide. We're looking for developers who can work on a low-level API one day and a highly customisable widget the next.
  • Work on high-performance APIs and platforms
  • Support content collection and provide large scale data feeds to strategic partners
  • Develop redistributable robust widgets for use on other sites
Wherever you are on your career path... let's hear from you.
Junior/Mid-level engineers
  • Do highly visible work
  • Learn a wide variety of technologies, due to our emphasis on ownership and full stack development
  • Experience many aspects of the site through unique rotation opportunities
  • Work with top-class veteran engineers
  • Work on hard problems on a website your friends and family can understand (and probably already love)
  • Huge growth opportunity! Help set up the new Dublin office
  • Manage teams across TripAdvisor sites and gain worldwide visibility
  • Collaborate with top-class engineers worlwide
  • Work on hard problems at scale (see our SVP's guest blog post on High Scalability - and remember we've only been growing since then)
Get in touch today.
  • Entry-level and experienced engineers welcome
  • Solid competencies in computer science, including theory and practice (must know data structures, algorithms, big-O notation, etc.)
  • Quick learner who thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with open source technologies such as Apache, Tomcat, and Postgres SQL, as well as Linux, Java, and JavaScript is preferable but not required
Engineers: Apply now