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“Tripadvisor is currently our most effective marketing tool. With Sponsored Placements, the Aminta can appear above search results for Sorrento. The ad drives traffic to us and people are able to contact us directly via our Business Advantage links. I’ve found it’s saving me commission costs because people are contacting us directly or booking on our website … So far we’ve seen a 20% increase in direct bookings in 40 days.”

Gianfranco Acampora

Owner and General Manager, Grand Hotel Aminta

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“These products — Sponsored Placements and Business Advantage — work together because they provide the best way to capture guests at the top of the booking funnel. Because of the increased visibility and the direct communication channels we have on Tripadvisor, we engage travellers and drive them to our website with both products. And, we’re able to generate more direct bookings for our properties so not all bookings go to OTAs.”

Alexander Schuster

Head of Digital, 25hours Hotels

The Circle, 25hours Hotels (Cologne, Germany)

Central Hotel (Sofia, Bulgaria)

“For the two months I’ve had Sponsored Placements, direct bookings for this January and February are up by more than 150% over last year. I am getting more direct referrals to my Business Advantage Contact Details, especially my website links.”

Zhivko Zhelyazkov

General Manager, Central Hotel & Forum Hotel

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