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TripAdvisor Hotel Marketing Partners are certified experts in using TripAdvisor to promote hotels and other accommodations. They have passed company screenings and TripAdvisor exams on how to best utilize free property listings, and the Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements products.

You can feel confident that they are up to date on the latest product enhancements.

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Give your profile an upgrade

Your property has a unique story to tell. Why not share it with guests? With Business Advantage, you can unlock business building tools that enhance your profile — and help you stand out.

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Attract attention from travelers

Right now, guests are searching your area for places to stay. Sponsored Placements make it easy to increase your visibility — so they find you first.

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Get the most out of TripAdvisor

Take advantage of everything TripAdvisor has to offer. Invest in your page and add your direct referral links with Business Advantage, and then boost it above the competition with Sponsored Placements.

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