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TripAdvisor Partnerships

Help your hotel network be successful while growing
your own business

Hotel Marketing Partners

Access exclusive deals and perks for your hotel client base

Hotel Referral Partners

Earn money for referring your network to purchase TripAdvisor products

Hotel Affiliate Partners

Monetize your website or blog with TripAdvisor affiliate links
Hotel Marketing Partner Program

The Hotel Marketing Partner Program serves hotel marketing agencies, hotel management companies, technology providers and other third-party providers that oversee the marketing budget of hoteliers.

If you don’t manage a marketing budget on behalf of hotel owners and other accommodations, check out our Hotel Referral Program or Hotel Affiliate Program.

Benefits to your hotel network:

  • Access to exclusive deals and rebates on TripAdvisor hotel solutions
  • Educational resources to help property owners get the most value out of TripAdvisor

  • Dedicated support from TripAdvisor experts, depending on your partner level

Benefits to your business:

  • Earn a badge showing hoteliers that you are a TripAdvisor Hotel Marketing Partner

  • Unlock opportunities for co-marketing initiatives to help grow your business
  • Showcase TripAdvisor rebates and benefits that are exclusive to you as a partner

Growth Opportunities
Partner badge

Recognized on our website as a TripAdvisor Partner

Client event support
Co-marketing opportunities
Proposal and client acquisitions support
Exclusive Perks
Promotional offers
Rebates on marketing solutions
Eligible for invitation to TripAdvisor Partner Days
Customer support
Dedicated account representative
Content and resources
Quarterly product updates
Pass company screening
# Certified TripAdvisor Marketing Professionals 1+ 2+ 5+
Quarterly spend requirement* $25k USD $200k USD

*Spend requirements can be annualized

Our community of Marketing Partners helps hotel owners succeed on TripAdvisor:

Hotel Referral Program

The Hotel Referral Program is available for third-parties that work closely with hotel owners and operators, as well as hotel properties.



Benefits to you:

  • Earn referral payments for new customers that start using TripAdvisor hotel solutions
  • Get access to exclusive promotional offers for TripAdvisor hotel solutions
  • Create a new and on-going source of revenue

How it works:

  • Give hotel owners and operators your unique referral code to use when purchasing TripAdvisor hotel solutions
  • Get $100 for every new customer* of Business Advantage or Sponsored Placements that purchases a product using your code
  • For Connectivity Partners: Get an opportunity for a revenue share for new customers you refer. Please inquire upon applying for more details.

*New customers are defined as properties that have not purchased Sponsored Placements in 12 months and Business Advantage in 36 months. New customer referrals will be eligible for referral bonus payments once payment of at least 500 USD (or local currency equivalent) is received from the property.

Hotel Affiliate Program

The Hotel Affiliate Program serves frequently trafficked websites that attract hotel owners and operators.



How it works:

  • Sign up to be one of our affiliates on the ShareASale platform 
  • Encourage hotel owners in your network to claim their listing on TripAdvisor
  • Earn a $10 commission for every new verified accommodation owner that registers on TripAdvisor