Promoting your Travelers’ Choice award: A guide for hoteliers

From all of us at Tripadvisor, congratulations on your achievement. Winning a Travelers’ Choice award or Best of the Best award isn’t easy. It speaks to the exceptional hospitality you provide every guest. Take a moment to celebrate your hard work. You deserve it!

Need even more reasons to show off your award? Here’s a reminder of what the Travelers’ Choice award is and what it means to be a winner.

About the Travelers’ Choice Awards

Since 2002, the Travelers’ Choice awards showcase the best hotels in multiple categories and regions, based on the reviews and opinions of millions of travelers from around the world. Unlike traditional industry awards that require an entrance fee , editorial bias, or surveys, these awards are the result of real-life traveler insights collected over a 12-month period on Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor’s awards fall into two levels:

Best of the Best: Our highest honor, this award takes into account the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings. It recognizes the top 1% of all listings on Tripadvisor, sorted into specific categories, such as all-inclusive, Luxury , and family. It also separates winners by world region.

Travelers’ Choice: Properties with consistently strong reviews earn the Travelers’ Choice distinction. These hotels are among  the top 10% of all listings on Tripadvisor, demonstrating a commitment to hospitality excellence.

Now that you’ve won, it’s time to let the world know. Here’s how award-winning hotels like yours can showcase their Travelers’ Choice award or Best of the Best award to drive more traffic and bring in more bookings:

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1. Send out a press release

Winning a Travelers’ Choice award or Best of the Best award is a great reason to alert your local media and set up additional hosted stays or FAM trips for journalists and influencers looking to feature your property. You can find an easy-to-use template in our digital assets hub.

Consider directly reaching out to any journalists or influencers you’ve already worked with to promote your property. Building on an existing relationship is much easier than starting from scratch. Influencers may also be able to leverage video and imagery from previous stays to spread the word.

Either way, do this in a timely fashion, as the news cycle moves quickly.

2. Celebrate on social media

Social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are a great place to showcase your award.

A few ways you can share:

Use the hashtag #TravelersChoice and tag @Tripadvisor so that our team can re-post and extend your reach.

How to add frames to images or videos using Canva

1. Upload media by clicking “Uploads” on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Upload photo or video of your property and the Travelers’ Choice branded asset you want to use on the social post.

3. Click on the photo or video of our property to put into place, and resize using corner drag points.

4. Click the Travelers’ Choice branded asset to put in place, and resize using corner drag points.

5. When complete, click “Share” at the top right of the screen.

6. Choose “Download”.

3. Announce your win via email

Send an announcement email to your list. Since your email list is likely made up of previous guests or those with current reservations, this is a great place to say thank you. Winning Travelers’ Choice or Best of the Best is a team effort between the hard work that your team does every day and the reviews your guests post after they leave — so let them know how much you appreciate them so they can celebrate with you.

Keep the email simple: Start with a sincere thank you, include a few quotes from Favorite Reviews, and finish by encouraging them to visit again soon. (Download a template to use here if you’re running low on time.)

Then, in any follow-up emails, drop the award logo in your email signature.

4. Add the award logo to your marketing materials

In addition to a general announcement, you can include the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice or Best of the Best award logo on any marketing materials you wish. This could be upcoming print and digital ads, email signatures, brochures, blog posts, social channels, and on your website.

This is a great option throughout the rest of the year. Even if you’re not directly talking about your award, adding the logo to your materials shows travelers how seriously your hotel takes hospitality. Download the logo and read our guidelines for usage here.

5. Include the award widget on your website

Even if you’re not a coding wizard, it’s easy to add information about your Travelers’ Choice award or Best of the Best award to your website. Consider creating an awards page if you don’t already have one, or drop it into your home page until you’re ready to swap it with another promotion.

The Travelers’ Choice or Best of the Best award widget showcases your award and links website visitors directly to your Tripadvisor page, where they can get an in-depth look at your property and browse the glowing reviews that helped you win your award in the first place.

To download the free award widget, and for directions on how to add it to your website, go to

Showcase your Travelers’ Choice award or Best of the Best award

Put these ideas in action by visiting our digital assets hub. That’s where you’ll find the Travelers’ Choice and Best of the Best award logos, marketing templates, and other imagery you can use to let travelers near and far know about your achievement.

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