Congratulations on your Travellers’ Choice award!

Travellers’ Choice honours accommodations, restaurants, attractions and holiday rentals that deliver consistently great service. Here are some resources to help you celebrate:

Promote with Travellers’ Choice logos

Getting a Travellers’ Choice award isn’t easy, but promoting it can be. Use the Travellers’ Choice logo in your marketing promotions to stand out from the competition.

Download the logos

Display your award at your property

Share your success with everyone who walks through your doors by putting your printed certificate in your business. Check your award notification email for details on how to download your award.

Send out a press release.

Share news of your accomplishment! Download the Press Release template that is right for you, drop in your business details, then issue your press release over a wire service and share with local publications.

Check out Press Release templates

Order items from our store

Tell the world about your achievement with promotional items from the Travellers’ Choice store, offered exclusively to businesses like yours.

Visit the store today

Display your Travellers’ Choice award online

Show off your good standing on Tripadvisor with a Travellers’ Choice widget. Simply follow the directions to add a widget to your site or easily email the required code to your webmaster.

Get the Travellers’ Choice widget

Frequently Asked Questions for Travellers’ Choice Recipients

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from accommodation (Hotels, B&Bs, Inns, and Speciality Lodging), restaurant, and experience owners on their Travellers’ Choice award. If you have additional questions that are not covered below, please read our Tripadvisor Insights article.

What do I receive for earning a Travellers’ Choice award?

A badge is automatically added to your Tripadvisor page. Through email, in 2020, you receive a free award customised with your business name to download and print. You also receive a widget you can put on your website, press release templates, and access to other branded Travellers’ Choice materials that allow you to fully promote your accomplishment.

I received my Travellers’ Choice award, but where can I request a sticker?

For right now, Tripadvisor has put a hold on sending out Travellers’ Choice stickers. We will let businesses know when they are available again.

Can I buy a Travellers’ Choice award?

No, Travellers’ Choice is an award that businesses earn based on their consistently great traveller reviews on Tripadvisor over the past year. The achievement is in no way associated with a purchase or commercial relationship.

Tripadvisor will never call you or visit your business for credit card, bank or other sensitive information regarding Travellers’ Choice. If you find your business in this situation, it could be fraudulent activity. We advise you to email

Can I receive a custom logo with my business name on it?

We currently don’t offer customised logos, but we encourage you to use the Travellers’ Choice logos to develop custom promotions.

My widget doesn’t have my business name — is it broken?

As of 2017, the Travellers’ Choice (formerly Certificate of Excellence) widgets are not customised with a business name.

Where can I find a list of all my properties that qualified for a Travellers’ Choice award?

You can see which of your businesses qualified for this year’s Travellers’ Choice by manually checking for each property in your Management Centre. If you’d like to find out if any of your businesses qualified in previous years, navigate to the Travellers’ Choice widget page and select "Year" from the dropdown box, and you will see each year your business has qualified. You can add these widgets to your website.

Where can I request my Hall of Fame Certificate?

Congratulations on 5+ years of consistently great service! While the programme is currently still live, we are not sending out certificates or stickers for the Travellers’ Choice Hall of Fame in 2020.

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