How to Add Contact Details to Your Tripadvisor Listing

Here’s how to put millions of potential guests - nearby and across the globe - one click or call away from booking with you with Contact Details.

Your Tripadvisor page can get hundreds or even thousands of visits per year. With a Business Advantage subscription, you can convert this qualified traffic into direct bookings using Contact Details. Contact Details allow you to add critical business information to your Tripadvisor listing, so travellers can connect with you directly. Here’s what you need to know about Contact Details so you can optimise your Business Advantage return on investment.

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About Contact Details

With Contact Details, travellers on your Tripadvisor page can reach you directly, whether they’re on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. You can display up to three methods of direct contact, including your:

  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Deals page
  • Packages page
  • A virtual tour

Prioritize the contact channels that are most convenient and popular with your target audience. We recommend giving travellers a choice of visiting your website, calling you or emailing you so they can use any device they like to book directly.

Where Your Contact Details Appear

  • Your property page: Once added, Contact Details will automatically appear on your property page (otherwise known as your Tripadvisor listing page). Where the Contact Details appear on your page depends on which three points of contact you choose to add. For example, your phone number, email, and website URLs will all appear at the top of your listing below your property name. Other Contact Details, such as your deals, packages, and virtual tour will appear in the “Overview” section of your Tripadvisor listing (along with your hotel website link) — above your reviews.
  • Across devices: Your Contact Details will automatically appear across all devices. However, properties that choose to add their phone number will also enable Mobile Click – to – Call, which allows travellers to call your property with just one click from any mobile device.
  • In search results: If you choose your hotel website link as one of your three Contact Details, Search Links* allow your website to appear in search results on high profile Tripadvisor pages.

How to Add Your Contact Details

  1. Log in to your Management Centre
  2. Under the Drive Bookings menu at the top, click Update Contact Details
  3. Then, click Add/Edit Contact Links
  4. Click Add new contact
  5. Choose a market/language
  6. Select up to three contact types

Contact Details Tips for Success

  • Add a phone number. Mobile users make up roughly half of all Tripadvisor traffic, and with the click-to-call feature on mobile they can reach you in just one tap.
  • Track your referral calls. Your Business Advantage subscription includes the option to add Telephone Lead Management, a programme that can help you track calls from Tripadvisor travellers. Learn more here.
  • Post your hotel website. When added, your hotel website link appears in multiple places across the site including in search results (Search Links*), the top of your property page (Property Page Links), and in the “Overview” section of your Tripadvisor page — above reviews.
  • Personalise the user experience. Personalization goes a long way to converting site visitors into paying guests. Be sure to link travellers to a custom landing page that welcomes Tripadvisor users whenever possible.

*Search Links are available only to Business Advantage Preferred subscribers. To upgrade your subscription from Standard to Preferred — visit the Management Centre. On the right-hand side, select “Contact Tripadvisor.” Indicate “Business Advantage” as the issue and “Interested in upgrading” as the subtopic, and click “Submit.” That’s it — someone will be in touch with you in the next few days to continue processing your upgrade request.

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Add direct Contact Details in the Management Centre

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Add direct Contact Details in the Management Centre

Last Updated: 2 July 2018