FAQs: Telephone Lead Management for your Tripadvisor Subscription

How do you measure the phone calls you receive from your Tripadvisor subscription? Telephone Lead Management is now available.

Sources of phone call leads can be difficult to measure. Businesses often can’t afford to use multiple phone lines to gauge the value of different marketing channels. To help with this, Tripadvisor provides optional insights on telephone sales leads to independent accommodations subscribers via our Telephone Lead Management feature. 

When you purchase this service, you'll receive a unique, dedicated telephone number for your Tripadvisor property page. Calls to this unique number will be seamlessly redirected to your business’ existing telephone line. This approach allows us to provide you with detailed reports on calls from your Tripadvisor property page.

What can I expect?  

Once activated, we will populate your Contact Details with a unique telephone number to measure your phone traffic from Tripadvisor. The number will be visible to travellers viewing your Tripadvisor property page on both desktop and mobile. All calls to this unique phone number will be automatically forwarded to your existing business phone number. Through this unique phone number, we’ll gather key call data, which will then be aggregated and provided to you.

How does this help my business?

Telephone Lead Management is the best way to measure the phone calls and bookings you receive from your Tripadvisor subscription. As you know, the telephone number is an important benefit and helps build your brand on the world’s largest travel site. Our goal is to help you quantify the phone calls from your subscription and the highly qualified calls it drives to your property.

Will this negatively influence my search engine rankings and results?

Telephone Lead Management phone numbers on Tripadvisor are implemented according to industry best practices and should not affect your property’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) in search engine marketing. As a result, these numbers should not influence your search ranking.

Why do you have to change my property’s actual number to a new one I don’t recognise?

We are not changing the existing number for your business. We are only changing the number displayed in your Contact Details on your Tripadvisor property page. All calls will be seamlessly redirected to your business phone number. This new, unique number allows us to share data with you on the calls your phone number generates. 

When will this be happening?

Telephone Lead Management began rolling out in February 2015 to eligible properties.  We add more properties as they sign up for Business Advantage subscriptions or as our provider enables new countries for the programme. Aggregated Telephone Lead Management data is now available in your Management Centre.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

To be eligible, you must be an independent Tripadvisor subscriber located within designated markets where we can obtain unique telephone numbers. You will not be eligible at this time if you: offer a freephone telephone number outside of the US, Canada or United Kingdom; have a unique telephone number for each Tripadvisor domain; have more than one telephone number on a single domain; or use premium or shared cost phone numbers. 

Why does the Telephone Lead Management number look different to my original phone number?

In order for Telephone Lead Management to work, we have to use a unique phone number that’s dedicated to your business. We’ve tried to obtain a new number that’s as close as possible to your current business phone number. However, in some markets a similar option may not be available.  If you have concerns with the phone number that’s been obtained for your property, please have the subscription account owner submit an enquiry here. Under “Please tell us what the issue is:” select “Business Listings”. Then for “Select a subtopic:” choose "Product Features - Telephone Lead Management"  You can provide more details in the "Comments" box. For Business Advantage subscribers, select "Business Advantage" and then for "Select a subtopic:" choose "Product Features". You can provide more details in the "Comments" box.

Can I use this number on my marketing materials?

The number will be unique to your Tripadvisor property page and will measure the calls from your Tripadvisor subscription. To maintain call measurement accuracy, it should not be used on marketing materials or on any sites beyond Tripadvisor.

I already have a system in place to measure phone leads. Will it be affected?

Your unique telephone number on Tripadvisor will forward to your existing number. If you have your own measurement in place on that existing number, it will not be affected.

Will my call routing system be affected? 

Calls will be redirected automatically to the telephone number you’ve configured. Tripadvisor will not be routing calls through any intermediaries. Any call handling or routing that you have in place on your business number will operate in the exact same way it does now.

How are you protecting the privacy of my phone calls?

Tripadvisor will not have access to your phone calls and no recordings of calls will be made. Tripadvisor will be aggregating the data collected from the calls to provide you with Telephone Lead Management reports.

Will my number still be freephone?

Existing freephone telephone numbers on Tripadvisor will remain free for travellers.

Is there a charge for this?

Yes. If you are interested in purchasing Telephone Lead Management, please contact your Tripadvisor Business Advantage consultant. 

What do I need to do?

Nothing. If you've purchased Telephone Lead Management, your property will automatically be assigned a unique telephone number if you are eligible.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, Tripadvisor will remove the phone number on your property page on the site.

Will this confuse my guests?

Calls from your subscription will be redirected automatically to your property’s phone number. The process is seamless to travellers. Most travellers don’t save phone numbers listed on Tripadvisor. So, if you opt out from Telephone Lead Management in the future, they’ll be able to find your original number re-displayed on your Tripadvisor property page. 

Will the sound quality of my calls go down?

There should be no change in sound quality with the new number. If you notice a change in the quality, please contact us immediately by clicking here. Under “Please tell us what the issue is:” select “Business Listings”. Then for “Select a subtopic:” choose "Product Features - Telephone Lead Management"  You can provide more details in the "Comments" box. For Business Advantage subscribers, select "Business Advantage" and then for "Select a subtopic:" choose "Product Features". You can provide more details in the "Comments" box.

Are restaurants and attractions eligible?

No. At this time, Telephone Lead Management is only available to accommodations.

Manage your Tripadvisor Subscription

Manage your Tripadvisor Subscription

Last Updated: 4 February 2015