Telling Your Accommodations' Story Through Photos

How to use Business Advantage photo tools to capture the eyes, interest and bookings of potential guests on Tripadvisor.

Humans are visual learners. According to MIT, the human brain can process visual information 3x faster than it takes to process a single word. Tripadvisor users are no different. 79% of Tripadvisor travellers said that photos were important when choosing to book an accommodation1. High-quality images can help shape potential guest’s opinion of your accommodation and can be a deciding factor when choosing where to book.

That’s why Business Advantage includes powerful tools to help you engage and influence potential guests. Use them to tell your story to travellers and show the experience guests can expect at your accommodation.

Read below to learn about our Business Advantage photo tools, available to subscribers only.

Favourite Photos

With Favourite Photos you can highlight a collection of images at the top of your photos page on Tripadvisor. This is valuable real estate, available only to subscribers, so keep travellers engaged and interested by offering a variety of photos that inspire and give them the confidence to choose your property.

How to update your Favourite Photos:

  1. Sign into the Management Centre
  2. Under the "Manage Listing" tab at the top of the page, select "Favourite Photos"
  3. Once in the “Favourite Photos” section, pick 5-30 images

Cover Photos

Make sure guests see your best photos first with Cover Photos.  Hand-select high-quality images for your Tripadvisor albums so you capture their interest and show off your rooms, property features and amenities.

How to update your Cover Photos:

  1. Sign into the Management Centre
  2. Under the "Manage Listing" tab at the top of the page, select "Cover Photos"
  3. Once in the “Cover Photos” section, pick a Cover Photo for each of the albums listed*
  4. Once you’ve selected the Cover Photo you’d like to use, click “Save”

*Please note: At this time, there are some albums which are visible to you in the Management Centre, but not to potential guests or travellers. You can only change Cover Photos for those albums which are visible to potential guests.


Storyboard transforms your static photos and reviews into a high-quality promotional preview of your property. Our Storyboard builder is easy to use and will guide you along the way. Simply choose your best photos, review snippets, and tags and we'll do the rest for you. Read our full guide to creating a Storyboard here.

How to create your Storyboard:

  • Sign into the Management Centre
  • Under the "Manage Listing" tab at the top of the page, select "Storyboard"
  • Once in the “Storyboard” section, click “Create Storyboard” to begin
  • Follow the prompts for each frame, once you’ve completed all ten click, “Publish Now.”

Tips for choosing Favourite Photos, Cover Photos & Storyboard photos

  • Choose high-quality photos. Images should be at least 1060 pixels by 450 pixels and JPG, PNG or GIF file formats. For Favourite Photos, we recommend using landscape images. Also, photos that are well-lit tend to receive more clicks than those that are darker.
  • Show travellers what makes your property special. Guests are looking for a complete picture of the experience they’ll have at your property. They want to see images that are varied, engaging and unique – so avoid generic stock-type photography or multiple photos of the same thing.
  • Consider using compelling Traveller Photo(s). Using traveller-generated content shows a different perspective that other travellers will appreciate. Plus, it gives a real feeling of what the guest experience could be like at your property.
  • Add captions to your photos. These captions will be visible to users – so think of them as headlines that would appear in a newspaper: State of the Art Fitness Centre, Heated Swimming Pool, Lakefront Dining, etc.
  • Make sure photos look good in all sizes. Remember that Cover Photos are thumbnail-sized, while Favourite Photos are landscape-oriented. Be sure to choose photos that look good when displayed in these specific locations. Don’t hesitate to try out several options until you find the ones that look best.
  • For Cover Photos - choose an image that best represents the entire album. Be sure to choose a Cover Photo that’s captivating, so potential guests will want to explore the whole album.
  • For Favourite Photos - choose eight or more images. If you have fewer than five Favourite Photos picked, your selections will not be saved. Also, if you have the minimum five photos selected and one is removed from the site, your Favourite Photos will disappear until you select more. Choosing eight or more images ensures Favourite Photos will still appear even if a photo is removed.
  • For Favourite Photos & Storyboard - include a variety of photos. Tell the property's full story to the viewer. Mix it up and include many different shots such as your property’s exterior, common areas, guest rooms, amenities, etc.
  • Don't forget to add Property Videos. Property Vidoes help your property come to life for potential guests. Read our guide to learn how to upload videos. 

  • 1. TripBarometer 2016

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Tell Your Story with Photos

Stand out with Business Advantage

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Tell Your Story with Photos

Last Updated: 16 August 2017