The Tripadvisor Basics

Your 101 guide to the Tripadvisor basics.

The Tripadvisor Basics

Tripadvisor Management Centre: Quick Start Guide

Tripadvisor Management Centre: Quick Start Guide Take control of your online reputation. Build your business on the world’s largest travel site. It’s all within reach when you register for the Tripadvisor Management Centre.

The Management Centre is your destination for any and all aspects of your Tripadvisor listing. From updating basic business details, to posting photos, and seeing analytics — your Management Centre is the place to go. All registered and verified owners have access to the Management Centre. To log in, visit If you’re affiliated with more than one property, select the property you’d like to view or update from the list.

Management Centre 101

Here's a quick list of the top five things you can find in the Tripadvisor Management Centre, using the top menu to navigate. Read below for an overview of the homepage and a guide to common Management Centre tasks.

  • Manage Listing: Add photos, manage listing details, update amenities and more via the Manage Listing tab. 
  • Drive Bookings: If applicable, accommodations will find links to manage Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements in the Drive Bookings tab.
  • Marketing Tools: Catch the eye of potential diners & guests with promotional tools, awards, widgets, and window stickers on the Marketing Tools tab.
  • Reviews: Respond to reviews, report a review, and answer traveller questions on the Reviews tab.
  • Help & Settings: Get answers to all of your questions. Access billing & payments, update email preferences, and manage user access. The Owners' Forum and Help Centre are also available here on the Help & Settings tab.
An Overview of the Management Centre Homepage...

Guide to Your Tripadvisor Primary Photo

Guide to Your Tripadvisor Primary Photo You only get one chance to make a strong first impression to travellers. Make it count by leveraging our advanced technology which auto-selects your primary photo for you — or, follow our tips for choosing your own.

Your primary photo is the first image that travellers see of your property. It appears as your main image in search results and as the first image in your photo carousel. We know that a well-chosen primary photo can be a driving factor for travellers choosing their next place to stay. After all, 79% of travellers say they take photos and videos posted online into consideration when booking an accommodation.*

Since photos are such an important feature to travellers and owners alike, we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into our machine learning technology for photos. This technology alleviates the pressure owners often feel to pick a quality primary photo on their own, by auto-selecting a primary photo for them.

Auto-select uses advanced technology to analyse the quality and subject of photos on Tripadvisor to select the best available primary photo for a listing. Our technology looks at the physical attributes of a photo, such as image resolution and orientation, as well as the actual subject of a photo, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor shot, features people, or amenities, etc. User testing so far has demonstrated that this approach works. Auto-selected images are high-resolution images, rather than blurry ones, and feature bedrooms and swimming pools, over photos of travellers or bathrooms.

This new approach uses data to remove the subjectivity of manually choosing a photo and ensures primary photos are optimised for travellers searching for their next place to stay. However, if you’d prefer to manually select your primary photo (and opt out of the auto-selection feature) you can do so in the Management Centre. Read below for instructions and best practices on choosing a primary photo.

How to manually change your primary photo
  1. Sign into the Management Centre
  2. Under the "Profile" menu at the top of the page, click "Media Suite"
  3. Then, click the "Primary Photo" tab on the left
  4. Click “Manual: select your own primary photo"
  5. Choose the primary photo you'd like to use from the available options listed
  6. If you're happy with the preview of your new primary photo, displayed at the top of the page, click "Submit"

Note: It can take up to 3-5 working days for a primary photo change to take effect on your page. Once you’ve selected your photo, and it’s processing, you’ll see it in the Media Suite along with a date stamp and a note indicating that the request is pending.

Requirements for your primary photo
  • Show off your property’s best feature(s). Your primary photo should represent the best your property has to offer. Choose a photo that emphasizes what makes your property unique. Is it your historical facade, your trendy lobby, or your unparallelled views? Show travellers by highlighting whatever features set you apart in your primary photo.
  • Choose well-lit and sharp images. Avoid images that are dark and/or blurry. These images are going to be resized based on where they appear on Tripadvisor — so they need to remain easy to view at all sizes, whether it’s a thumbnail on mobile or a full screen image on desktop.
  • Change your primary photo with the season. Travellers want to picture themselves at your property right from the start. Choose a primary photo that represents the season travellers are shopping for. For example, if it’s near the holidays, highlight your cozy fireplace or seasonal decorations.
  • Avoid images of people and scenery. Photos of your property or location are more helpful to travellers than photos of staff members, other travellers, or generic scenic views of your area.
  • Or, leverage Tripadvisor machine learning and we’ll auto-select it for you! Skip the hassle of manually choosing a primary photo and let our technology do the work for you! If you don’t opt out of the “auto-select primary photo” option — we’ll automatically select the best available photo as your primary photo.
Tracking the success of your photos...

Need help? Start here.

Need help? Start here. How to address our most common customer support enquiries

Common questions about Tripadvisor Listings

Common Review and Management Response questions

Common questions about Tripadvisor Features and the Management Center

Common questions about Tripadvisor fraud policies

Need more help?

Submit a request for support:

  1. Log in to the Management Centre
  2. Find the "Contact Tripadvisor" box on the right side of the page
  3. Click the "Get online help" link
  4. Complete the form for your request

We'll be happy to assist you with your enquiry!

Last Updated: 15 September 2017

Free or Premium? A Guide to Marketing on Tripadvisor

Free or Premium? A Guide to Marketing on Tripadvisor Tripadvisor offers a suite of marketing tools for hospitality businesses. Many are free but a few premium features are available for a fee. Do you know which are which?

Looking for ways to drive more business? Tripadvisor offers a variety of tools to help. There’s something for everyone, but you must be registered for your property’s Management Centre to have access. 

Free Tools

Let’s start by looking at the free tools available to any accommodation, restaurant or attraction listed on Tripadvisor. These tools are always available in the Management Centre:

Properties with at least 1 photo see 138% more engagement than properties with no photos.​1

Property page tools

Control the major elements of your Tripadvisor property page through the "Manage Listing" tab in the top menu.  Add photos to attract traveller attention, update your amenities, and complete other administration tasks here as well. 

Over 60% of travellers say Management Responses make them more likely to book.2

Review management tools

Under "Reviews" in the top menu, you'll find all of the tools you need to manage, measure, and respond to new reviews.  Try Review Express to encourage more reviews.

Nearly 90% of travellers say reviews are influential in choosing where to book.3

Free marketing tools

Get help marketing your business under "Marketing Tools" in the top menu of the Management Centre. Showcase your reviews with the Tripadvisor Traveller Reviews App for your Facebook page, Tripadvisor Social Media Buttons, and widgets to display your awards and reviews on your website. Finally, request a Tripadvisor sticker for your property, so guests know you’re listed on the world’s largest travel site.4 

Tripadvisor Insights

Want free marketing tips, industry research, helpful guides and more? Hotel managers and operators can visit and restaurant owners can visit Tripadvisor For Restaurants. You can also find information in the Management Centre, under the "Help & Settings" tab in the top menu, select "Tripadvisor Best Practices."

Paid Tools

Accommodation & restaurant providers can enhance their Tripadvisor listings and attract even more travellers with some additional tools that are available for a fee. There are no premium tools available for attractions at this time.

Solutions for accommodations

  • Business Advantage: Industry-leading tools to better market your business to millions of potential guests, differentiate from competitors, impact booking decisions, and measure and improve your online reputation.Visit to learn more.
  • Instant Booking: Now, travellers can click the “Book on Tripadvisor” button to reserve a hotel directly on the site. Potential guests are more willing to book when they know they can purchase right on Tripadvisor.5 Instant booking gives your hotel an easy way to claim these bookings. Learn more here.
  • Sponsored Placements: Drive high quality traffic to your property by putting your listing on top of Tripadvisor search results for travellers searching for a place to stay in your area. Sponsored Placements are risk-free — meaning you pay only for the clicks you get and you can cancel at any time. Sign up today at

Solutions for restaurants

  • Tripadvisor Premium: Get the competitive advantage your business needs with Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants. Upgrading to Premium gives you exclusive access to powerful subscriber-only tools including Storyboard, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here, Favourite Reviews, and exclusive data & insights. Learn more here.
  • Tripadvisor Ads: Drive traffic to your Tripadvisor listing by promoting your restaurant in exclusive sponsored placements to a targeted audience of diners searching for a place to eat in your area. Learn more here.

  • 1. Tripadvisor data, July 7 - August 7 2014,
  • 2. PhoCusWright, “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for Tripadvisor, December 2013.
  • 3. TripBarometer, April 2014, Global Edition:
  • 4. comScore Media Metrix for Tripadvisor Sites, worldwide,
  • 5. Tripadvisor internal data
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Promoting Your Airline on Tripadvisor

Promoting Your Airline on Tripadvisor

Promoting your airline on Tripadvisor can give your brand an edge on the competition. Here are three tips to make the most of your Tripadvisor airline listing.

Tip 1: Encourage customers to write reviews

Reading reviews is an essential part of the travel-planning journey and traveller reviews can offer potential customers valuable insights into your route network, classes of service and in-flight experiences.

One of the best ways to encourage reviews is to promote your Tripadvisor listing through your own marketing channels.

  • Link to your Tripadvisor listing from your website
  • Post on your social media channels
  • Encourage reviews in printed materials
  • Send a link to your Tripadvisor review form to travellers after their flight

Widgets and other digital tools to help promote review collection for your business are coming soon. In the meantime, learn ways your airline can encourage Tripadvisor reviews, such as through post trip e-mails, by contacting

Tip 2: Display current content on your listing page

Present your airline the way you want potential customers to see it. As a verified representative, you can provide an updated 'hero photo' (the main image on your airline page) and request updates to the contact details displayed on your page by e-mailing

At this time, airlines are unable to edit or update information on their listing directly. We continue to test and improve our airline listings and additional features will be considered in future updates.

Tip 3: Promote your great rating

Is your airline rated 3.5 bubbles or higher? Then you're "Recommended on" Tripadvisor by its community of travellers. That positive reinforcement could be a deciding factor for a potential customer. Share the good news in the following ways:

  • Promote your live rating and link directly to your Tripadvisor page by adding the "Ratings and Details" widget to your website. Contact to get set up.
  • Add "Recommended on" promotional assets to your digital or printed marketing materials. They are graphics that can help your airline leverage the Tripadvisor brand. Contact for access to these assets.
  • Get free "Recommended on" stickers to place in high-traffic areas like a ticket counter, lounge or help desk. 75% of travellers prefer businesses with a Tripadvisor endorsement1 so be sure to get your stickers, also by e-mailing

  • 1. Source: Tripadvisor member survey, October 2012
Last Updated: 25 January 2016

How to Optimise Your Tripadvisor Attraction Listing

How to Optimise Your Tripadvisor Attraction Listing An attraction listing on Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel site, is a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. Optimising your listing can help you appeal to travellers and give your business an edge over your competition. Here are eight tips to help you get started.

1.  Confirm and edit your attraction's information

  • Confirm that all of the details on your listing are correct. In order to make these, and other changes, you’ll need to register as an owner, if you haven’t already. Registering is easy and fast!
  • Once you’ve registered, double-check that your business’ name, address, phone number, links to your website and e-mail are correct. Any edits can be made in the Management Centre by clicking "Profile" in the top menu and selecting "Manage Listing". This will allow you to update or add information, and as an official representative of the business, your edits will override any existing content.
  • You should also add a description of your property. Use this space to add some in-depth details that will help distinguish you from your competitors. Including information about opening times, seasonal activities, suitability for children or groups, etc. Add anything that will help travellers select your attraction. A traveller can also add a description for your listing if you haven’t provided one. However, when you submit your own description, the ‘Traveller Description’ will be replaced by your ‘Owner Description’.

2.  Upload photos

  • Travellers want to know what to expect at your attraction. The more photos on your listing, the more engaged they will be with your listing. Recent studies show that businesses with 30 or more photos have 41% more traveller engagement than those with 10 or fewer1.
  • As an owner, you are entitled to upload an unlimited number of images. Make sure you let travellers see what they can look forward to, whether it’s an adventurous walking tour or a beautiful outdoor park.  Once you have some photos, select one as your primary photo to help you make a strong first impression with travellers. You can manage your attraction’s photos through the Management Centre. For more information, read our guide to managing photos.

3.  Get your listing on the map

Maps help visitors place your attraction within the area they are visiting and better plan their trip. If your listing is not located on the map, or your business is displayed in the wrong location, you can update it through the Management Centre:

  1. Under the Profile menu at the top, click “Manage Listing”
  2. Select the “Location” tab from the menu on the left
  3. Update your street address and postcode, click “Submit”. Please note, if your city/town or state/county is incorrect you will need to follow these instructions.
  4. Then, click “Verify Map Pin” and drop the pin in the correct location – we suggest your main entrance or car park.
  5. Click “Confirm”. Your location will be updated on the site within 24 hours.

4.  Add booking links to your listing

Tripadvisor has partnered with some external companies to allow travellers to make bookings directly from your listing. If you would like to get a ‘Book Now’ link on your listing, register your business on Viator. If you're already a Viator supply partner, add more products here (sites available in English only).

5.  Encourage customers to write reviews

The more reviews your attraction has, the more content there is for travellers to consider before they finalise their plans. The more recent those reviews, the fresher and more relevant the content is to those potential visitors. There are many tools in the Management Centre to help you encourage travellers to write reviews, including widgets, our Review Express email platform, custom cards, and flyers.

6.  Add a widget to your website

One great way to spread the news about your listing is to add a Tripadvisor widget to your own website. Widgets can showcase your reviews and encourage guests to write new ones. Go to to find widgets for your attraction, and take a look at this guide for more information on installing them.

7.  Showcase your Tripadvisor listing

Want your existing customers or passersby to know you’re listed on Tripadvisor? Request a Tripadvisor Sticker for your front window to show customers that you value their opinions and encourage them to review your property. You can also take advantage of other tools in the Management Centre under “Free Tools”. If you’ve won a Traveller’s Choice Award or Certificate of Excellence, you can also request special stickers or plaques in the Management Centre.

8.  Respond to reviews

We strongly recommend that business owners monitor their reviews and respond to select ones by writing Management Responses. If you receive a negative review, a Management Response demonstrates that you take customer service seriously and gives you an opportunity to explain how you have remedied any problems. A Management Response to a positive review shows that you’re paying attention and appreciate customer feedback. Regularly replying to reviews can set your business apart and give you a competitive edge. For more tips on this, read our guide on How to respond to traveller reviews on Tripadvisor.

  • 1. Phocuswright 2013
Last Updated: 1 August 2017

How to Market Your Hotel or B&B on Tripadvisor for Free

How to Market Your Hotel or B&B on Tripadvisor for Free Here are eight free ways to market your accommodation and take full advantage of your presence on Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel site.

1. Register with the Management Centre

The Tripadvisor Management Centre is full of free tools to help you build your business. In order to access it, you need to register as an official representative for your property. Go to, search for your property, fill in the required details, and complete the verification process to confirm your association. Please refer to our owner verification guide to learn more about how to verify yourself as a business representative. 

If you have registered for several properties, you can access their specific Management Centres by clicking "Your Business" from the top left corner. A drop down of your properties will then appear, simply select the property you wish to manage.

2. Share Information about Your Property

Once you've registered, you should update general information about your property that helps distinguish you from competitors. You can edit general information, such as the name of your business, location, amenities you offer, and a text description. To edit this information, log into the Management Centre, and visit the "Manage Listing" tab. Here, 
you can update all aspects of your listing. Fill in your business's text description with whatever makes your property special, whether it's your historic building, spectacular view, or recent renovation. There is no character limit on what you can include, but keep it brief so travellers will read it.

3. Upload Photos

Do you know that nearly 80% of travellers take photos posted online into consideration when booking an accommodation? As a property representative, you can upload an unlimited number of photos that will be displayed on your page. To do so, log in to the Management Centre, look under "Manage Listing" in the drop down menu and click "Photos". From there, click "Add More Photos" in order to upload photos to your Tripadvisor listing. Be sure to add photos that highlight your best features and show potential guests what they can expect at your accommodation.

You can also control the primary photo for your property. This is the main image that displays first in the photo carousel on your Tripadvisor listing and on search results pages across the site. Alternate it with the seasons and use it to showcase what makes your property special. Just be sure it's landscape and at least 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels tall. 

4. Encourage Guests to Write Reviews

Research shows that many travellers won't consider booking a property if it doesn't’t have reviews. That’s why we offer tools to help you collect reviews from guests. You can use Tripadvisor’s Review Express to send emails to past guests. It’s free, easy to use, and quick to get started. Learn more at You can also find more tools to collect reviews in the Management Centre. Look under the "Marketing Tools" menu for access to widgets for your website, custom cards, stickers, and more. 

5. Monitor Your Reviews

Sign up to receive email alerts whenever a new review of your property is published. This helps you keep on top of the most recent traveller feedback so you know what parts of the guest experience are going well, and what might need attention.

If you did not sign up for review email alerts when you first registered with the Management Centre you can do so now. In the Management Centre, under "Help & Settings" in the top menu, select "Update Email Preferences." Then, under "Emails for Owners" make sure you’re subscribed to the “Reviews & Questions" email.

6. Respond to Reviews

We recommend that property representatives engage with guests through Management Responses. Show that you appreciate customer feedback with a Management Response to a positive review. Likewise, a response to a negative review demonstrates that you take customer service seriously and gives you an opportunity to explain — to both the reviewer and other potential guests on your page — how you have remedied any problems.

To post a response, go to the Management Centre and under "Reviews" in the top menu, select "Respond to Reviews." For more information on how important Management Responses are to travellers, and what you should include in your response, see our “How to add Management Responses to Traveller Reviews” guide.

7. Bring Traveller Reviews to Your Own Website

Because travellers want to see reviews before they book, many businesses enhance their own websites with free widgets that display their Tripadvisor content to prospective guests. Tripadvisor widgets are snippets of code that can be installed within any HTML-based web page. Tripadvisor offers many widget options, including ones that display your Tripadvisor awards, a snippet from a recent review, a review starter, and more. For further information on what widgets are available and how to access them, read our guide.

8. Evaluate Your Performance

The Analytics Suite displays some of your property's key statistics, including reputation insights and market position data. The full Analytics Suite, available only to Business Advantage subscribers, includes additional information on click activity, photos and amenities, demand trends, and competitive data. To learn more, read our guide to the Analytics Suite.

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What Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

What Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

Turn these Tripadvisor facts and tips into your competitive advantage on the world’s largest travel site.

Leveraging the reach and influence of Tripadvisor is a powerful way to boost your hospitality marketing efforts. Here’s what you need to know to get a head start against your competitors.

The vast majority of reviews are positive

Don’t fall for the misconception that Tripadvisor reviews focus on the negative. Truth is, the average review score is a 4 out of 5. So start putting positive traveller reviews to work for you by actively collecting more!

New reviews carry more weight

This is good news for several reasons. First, if you don’t have many reviews yet, you could potentially improve your Popularity Ranking with an influx of new reviews. Second, more recent reviews will count more than outdated feedback. Third, it’s great motivation to collect more reviews on an ongoing basis.

You have options for gathering more reviews

Getting additional reviews is a lot easier with some help. Review Express is our free tool that makes it simple to send a Tripadvisor review request e-mail to up to 1,000 recent guests at once. Plus, depending on your connectivity partner, you can even send these e-mails automatically, to save you even more time.

Responding to reviews is critical

As you gather more reviews, respond to both positive and negative feedback. According to a Phocuswright study, more than 60% of travellers worldwide say that Management Responses make them more likely to book.1 So follow these Management Response tips and show travellers that you care about feedback and the guest experience.

Management Photos

Research shows that highly engaged hotels upload at least 10 photos and receive more page views* than their non-engaged counterparts.2 Each picture is a chance to showcase your property, amenities and tempting guest experience. Learn how to make the most of your photos with this guide on maximising your photos on Tripadvisor.

* Note: To help better measure the quality of the traffic visiting your page, we enhanced the way we report on this information in Q2 2017 – evolving from page views to unique visits.

You can see how your competitors are doing

Did you know that the Analytics Suite lets you compare your performance against your competitors? Now that’s something they definitely do not want you to know. Access to extensive Tripadvisor data is just one reason to become a Business Advantage subscriber – learn more about the benefits.

It’s easy to compete for bookings

Generate more bookings by signing up for instant booking. Instant booking gives travellers an easy way to book with you immediately on Tripadvisor.

Mobile bookings are increasingly important

In a 2015 TripBarometer survey, nearly half of respondents said they used their phones to book an accommodation or travel activity. With a Tripadvisor Business Advantage subscription, you can add your phone number to your property page, so travellers can call you with a simple tap of their finger.

Turn secrets into success

Other properties are already getting additional reviews, increasing their marketing reach and driving more bookings. Now that you have your competitors’ not-so-secret weapons for succeeding on Tripadvisor, you can do the same.

Learn how to convert Tripadvisor knowledge into marketing power with these resources:

  • 1. [1] Source: Independent Phocuswright study “Custom Survey Research Engagement”, May 2015
  • 2. [2] Source: Atmosphere Research Group 2015 study “Using Guest Reviews to Pave the Path to Greater Engagement” 
Last Updated: 23 July 2014

Manage Who Has Access to Your Tripadvisor Listing

Manage Who Has Access to Your Tripadvisor Listing

Learn how to manage who has access to your Tripadvisor listing.

Maintaining the list of people with access to your business’s Tripadvisor Management Centre is easy with the new “Manage User Access” tool. Use it to invite new users and remove outdated ones.

How the “Manage User Access” Tool Works

To manage who has access to your Tripadvisor listing, log into your Management Centre and under the “Help & Settings” tab in the top menu, select “Manage User Access.”  

On this page, you’ll see a full list of all users registered to manage your Tripadvisor page. You’ll also see their Tripadvisor usernames, affiliation to your business and the products they have access to (if applicable).

For instructions on how to invite, verify and delete users, continue reading below. Please note, before you can make changes, you may need to re-verify your identity as a business representative for your property. If this is the case, you'll see an orange “Verify Identity” button on the right side of the page – click it to re-verify.

Invite new users

Adding a new user gives that person the ability to respond to reviews, upload photos, and edit business details. To invite a new user, click the plus button, add the person’s email address, and then click “Send Invite.” An email will be sent asking the person to confirm their role at your business and accept the Tripadvisor terms and conditions. They’ll then have access to the Management Centre for your business.

Who should I invite? Typically, it’s best to grant access to users who update your Management Photos, write Management Responses or use tools like Review Express to collect new reviews. For accommodations, people who manage your property’s Business Listing, Business Advantage, and instant booking campaigns should be invited as well. Sometimes businesses also invite third party representatives, like agencies, to access their Management Centres.

Verify users

In some cases, representatives of your business may have registered for your property but failed to complete the verification process. It's important to complete verification, but it provides an additional layer of security by controlling who has access to a business's account.

If a user is not verified, you will see a blue exclamation icon next to their name. To complete verification, click the edit icon in their box and then click "Verify this user."

Delete users

It’s important to make sure your list of users is up to date. If people move on from your business, you can remove their access by clicking the "Delete User" icon in the box for each user. Once you delete a user, that person will no longer have access to your property’s Management Centre.

Who should I delete? It’s best to ensure only current representatives of your business have access to its Management Centre.

Common Questions:

I need to change ownership of our Business Advantage subscription – how do I do that?

To change ownership of paid product, like Business Advantage, you should submit a customer support ticket online. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Management Centre.
  • In the Contact Tripadvisor box click "Get online help.” 
  • Under "Please tell me what the issue is” box, select “Business Advantage.”
  • Select "Update Account Access Permissions" as the subtopic.
  • In the Comments box please include all details of the switch you'd like to make.

I accidentally deleted someone – what now?

Accidents happen. Luckily, it’s easy to re-add users. You can invite someone to re-register by clicking the add button and entering the person’s email address. They’ll receive an email asking them to confirm their role at your business and accept the Tripadvisor terms and conditions. Once that’s done, they’ll regain access to your listing.  

Why are there so many owners registered to my listing?

Since your property was first listed on Tripadvisor, employees may have come and gone, you may have changed ownership or people may have switched roles. Whatever the reason, we encourage you to review the list of current users, add ones that are missing and remove or update ones that are out of date.

I don’t know who a person registered to my property is – what do I do?

First, check to make sure they aren’t related to any third parties you work with. If they aren’t, then delete them from your property.

If someone suspicious is registered for your property, please first delete them as a user via the Manager User Access page. Then, immediately report the situation to our Content Integrity Team by submitting a ticket on our Owner Support Forum. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Management Centre.
  • In the Contact Tripadvisor box click “Get online help.”
  • Under “Please tell me what the issue is,” select “Update Management Centre Access.”
  • Under “What do you want to do?” select “Report suspicious registrant.”
  • Fill out the name of the suspicious registrant and make sure to provide as much detail as possible about who you believe the registrant is and their relation to your property.
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Top 10 Tripadvisor Myths

Top 10 Tripadvisor Myths Below are 10 common misconceptions about Tripadvisor – and the real story behind the myths.

MYTH 1: Reviews on Tripadvisor are usually negative.

REALITY: In fact, the majority are positive! Three-quarters of reviews are rated “very good” or “excellent.”

MYTH 2: You can’t trust Tripadvisor reviews.

REALITY: We have a lot of research showing that travellers find that their experience generally reflects the reviews they’ve read. Travellers take a balanced view of reviews and are not persuaded by one review alone. They tend to appreciate the wisdom of crowds and look to the majority opinion for guidance. Tripadvisor takes review integrity seriously, which is why we’ve developed a multi-tiered approach to content screening that includes a dedicated team, sophisticated technology and our loyal community. If you think a review is suspicious or fraudulent, let us know! 

MYTH 3: Nothing is free on Tripadvisor.

REALITY: Thousands of property owners and managers worldwide take full advantage of our free Management Centre tools. It doesn’t cost you anything to add photos, sign up for notifications of new reviews or post a Management Response. You can also take advantage of additional promotional opportunities by purchasing a Business Advantage.

MYTH 4: I have no control over my Tripadvisor listing.

REALITY: Just complete the free registration in the Management Centre and you can start adding a property description, photos, videos and more.

MYTH 5: Businesses can’t share their side of the story on Tripadvisor.

REALITY: We strongly encourage you to add Management Responses to reviews. These not only show guests that you take their feedback seriously, but also gives you the last word.

MYTH 6: Businesses and travellers are held to different standards. 

REALITY: Both traveller reviews and Management Responses must meet Tripadvisor guidelines to ensure they’re relevant and fair. If they do, they’re posted quickly.

MYTH 7: There is  no one at Tripadvisor to help business representatives.

REALITY: In fact, we have a multi-lingual customer service team dedicated to resolving your issues. They're available via the Management Centre, telephone and email. Contact details for your language and region are posted in your Management Centre.

MYTH 8: It’s against Tripadvisor rules to ask guests to write a review.

REALITY: While offering incentives for reviews is against our rules, suggesting your guests write a review is always a great idea! In fact, we even offer tools in the Management Centre that you can use to remind guests to write reviews after they leave.

MYTH 9: The popularity ranking is rigged.

REALITY: The algorithm for our popularity ranking is based on three things: the quantity, quality and age of reviews for your business. Updates to your popularity ranking score are based solely on new reviews – and commercial relationships never come into play.

MYTH 10: Tripadvisor may be big in the U.S., but it’s not important to the rest of the world.

REALITY: According to comScore, we’re the world’s largest travel site. In fact, a majority of our traffic originates from outside the U.S. So register with the Management Center and start growing your business with us today!

Last Updated: 10 January 2018

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