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  • Very pleasant experience
  • Very romantic
Cuisines: French, Caribbean, Seafood, European, South American, Colombian, Contemporary
  • Fun/fine dining, great service & adequate pricing
  • Very well thought menu and incredible food
Cuisines: Contemporary
  • Michelin star quality and service!
  • A foodie's Paradise!
Cuisines: South American, Contemporary
  • Great experience, a must if you are a foodie and can afford it
  • Wonderful Surprise
Cuisines: South American, Colombian
  • Second time, new location, still excellent.
  • The best restaurant in town
Cuisines: French, Seafood, Mediterranean, European
  • Si comes en Cali debes comer aqui!If you are dining in Cali don´t miss it!
  • Sensational experience
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Cuisines: Latin, Seafood, South American, Colombian, Fusion
  • Delicious and Excellent Service
  • Romantic Dinner
Cuisines: Caribbean, Latin, Seafood, South American, Colombian, International, Contemporary, Fusion
  • What a place!!! And the food is excellent.
  • Lived up to our expectations!
Cuisines: South American, Colombian, Contemporary
  • A great option for a classy meal
  • Fabulous restaurant that should not be missed!
Cuisines: Peruvian, Latin, Seafood, International
  • Very nice restaurant with great food and beautiful view
  • A very pleasant meal with a world class view
Cuisines: French, European, International
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