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  • Amazing meal
  • I dream about this place
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Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Soups, Israeli
  • High class local steak delight with high class wine
  • Excellent restaurant
Cuisines: Steakhouse, Mediterranean, European, Israeli
  • Simply fantastic
  • Top notch!
Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Israeli, Fusion
  • Wow!!
  • One of the best
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Fusion
  • BEST of the BEST
  • Fantastic
Cuisines: Steakhouse, Israeli, Fusion
  • We had a great meal, but it is EXPENSIVE!
  • Excellent
Cuisines: Asian
  • A very special restaurant combining local and middle east experience
  • Steve & Janet Ray are fans!
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Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli
  • Excellent place - great food, rich wine list, extraordinary service and good atmosphere
  • Definitely worth the hype
Cuisines: French, European, Contemporary
  • I defy you to find a better restaurant in Eilat
  • Decent restaurant in Eilat, away from touristic area
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Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean, Israeli, Steakhouse, Wine Bar
  • Amazing!!
  • Brilliant!
Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Israeli
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