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  • A 2018 Personal Favorite—Best All-Around
  • Excellent Hotel in the Scandinavian Style
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  • stunning views and top notch hospitality
  • Perfect
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  • A magical place where you really can listen to the sound of silence
  • Truly a fantastic place with fantastic hosts!
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  • Beautiful hotel with very friendly people!
  • Relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
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  • Five Great Nights
  • Excellent Stay
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  • A proper high class hotel in central Oslo
  • A good hotel
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  • Lovely hotel, great food, and very nice owners
  • Fjord Fantastic
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  • Charming Hotel with Beautiful Views
  • Little piece of heaven
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  • Group visit by a group of 8 cousins with partners, September 1st-September 2nd 2018
  • Adventure !
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  • Stunning
  • Fantastic stay at this hotel
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