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  • Worth every penny!
  • Exceeded Expectations :)
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  • Great place to stay
  • Excellent Stay
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  • Awesome location in Karen with an even better team!
  • Stunning!
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  • Gem that surprised and delighted us!
  • As close to perfection as you can get
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  • 5 Star!
  • Great property, great service.
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  • Majestic place!
  • Breathtaking Majis!
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  • Work trip to Keyna, staying at Dusit N2
  • i always go back
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  • Paradise on Earth! Kilili Baharini Resort... the perfect hideaway for your Holidays!
  • Relaxed, smart African style 5-star hotel right by the beach
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  • A wonderful out of city experience in the middle of town!
  • Very good service and beautiful venue.
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