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  • Excellent hotel, staff and location
  • Wonderful location at the Ritz!
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  • Quite literally the best night of my life
  • Great location
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  • A luxurious stay
  • relaxed luxury
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  • Beautiful hotel and wonderful service
  • AWESOME place to stay!!!! The only place to stay in Toronto.
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  • Lux stay in the heart of Vancouver
  • Well Deserving of Its Top Flight Reputation
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  • Can I give more than a 5 circle rating?
  • Fabulous Stay
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  • Fantastic Property in an Amazing Location
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  • Great downtown Location, Nice Room & Delicious Deluxe Breakfast
  • Romantic weekend in Vancouver
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  • Great Service and Awesome City View
  • great views of the CN tower from our room
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  • Excellent Stay
  • Weekend Getaway
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