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  • Fantastic location and super friendly staff. Best value for your $$
  • Great stay
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  • Why would you want to stay anywhere else in Tallinn??!
  • Stylish
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  • Stylish weekend getaway
  • Very good
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  • Good quality conference service with sauna and small spa
  • Awesome property, excellent service, very warm and helpful staff
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  • Excellent, great location, comfy rooms
  • Best in Town
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  • The best spa experience in so many levels!
  • Great location, excellent service
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  • Great stay in historical premises
  • Excellent
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  • Lovely old hotel in Old Town - perfect for sightseeing
  • Wonderful experience
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  • Stunning! Exquisite hideaway from beginning to end
  • Beautiful setting with a property to match
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  • A very nice hotel with a great location
  • Best value for money, so far. Will visit again !
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