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  • Great hotel stay and Kilimanjaro climb
  • Great place to stay and do your Kilimanjaro climb.
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  • Great location with great staff!
  • Location was great, the staff was the best!
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  • Amazing views
  • Fabulous restaurant!
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  • The team made the place greater
  • Fantastic resort and excellent staff
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  • Courteous Staff At the Front Desk
  • Pleasant, clean hotel in good location
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  • Loved staying at Warere Town House!
  • Nice little hotel in Stone Town
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  • Paradise on the best beach in Nungwi
  • Come as guests - leave as friends
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  • Super super super
  • Fabulous getaway!!!!
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  • Perfect place to relax after safari
  • Staying at Zanzest, the most authentic zanzibar
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  • Friendly staff and comfortable rooms
  • Wonderful place to relax
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