Springdale, Utah, is small, and there are no books written primarily about the town itself, but Zion National Park is another story with many, many chapters.

The Zion Tunnel From Slickrock to Switchback, by Donald T. Garate, has photos that are worth the price of the book without ever reading the text. The book recounts the creation of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway Tunnel that facilitated ease of travel to Zion National Park in 1930. The tunnel was built through a little over a mile of solid rock. 

A History of South Utah and its National Parks, is a revision of a book by Angus M. Woodbury and gives details about Utah's parks as well as a record of historic North American cultures

No list of literary works pertaining to Springdale, or more specifically, Utah, would be complete without  mention of the state's Mormon element and early influence on the area.   Emma Lee, by Juanita Brooks, is a biography of early Mormon settler, Emma Batchelor, and chronicles her experiences as a plural wife and remembrances of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in September of 1857, when Mormon militia and Paiutes killed 120 unarmed men, women, and children. It's an interesting story of a the woman's triumph over tragedy.

Water, Rock, and Time by Dr. Robert L. Eves, is a story underlining the formation of Zion NP.  The story takes place over several millions of years, and explains how natural forces formed the park as seen today.  This book is heavily promoted by the park as a useful tool in helping to explain what you are actually seeing as you visit Zion.  From ancient sand dunes to tectonic shifts.  From 'canyon widening' to the ancient inland see.  This book is a truly fascinating read for those who like geology.

Many other books can be found online on these related subjects from the Zion Natural History Association.  Visit www.zionpark.org for a list of many titles, from childrens books to history.

For those who are visiting Zion, and want to watch rather than read, then check out the Zion Theatre located in Springdale. Continuously Playing, the Treasure of the Gods is a documentary film based on Zion that is worth seeing on a hot afternoon when you are worn out from hiking.