The majority of the state of Utah owes its cultural signficance to the influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; that is, the Mormon Church. About 60% of the state's population of 2.5 million is Mormon, the infuence of which is reflected in most every facet of Utah society, including law, politics, business, and media.  

Springdale, Utah, itself was settled by Mormon pioneers in the fall of 1862 under the direction of Mormon leader, Brigham Young, who was (and is) seen as a prophet by his followers. The town, with a population of aproximately 457, is made up of over 90% caucasians, with Hispanics, Native American, and Asians comprising the remaining percentage. 

Springdale's proximity to the highly popular destination, Zion National Park, gives it a decidedly mobile, touristic culture as well during the high tourist season, which runs from about April to October. RVers, Hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, water enthusiasists, and environmentalists converge upon Springdale in droves during this time, changing the town from sleepy retreat to bustling metropolis. From rock-huggers to pedal-pushers to retired souvenir-hunters, Springdale becomes a teeming beehive of activity.