Flagstaff has a burgeoning yoga community, with many different styles of yoga represented.  Here is some yoga info in a snap for you:

Bikram Yoga: certainly not for the faint of heart, Bikram is a hot and humid yoga...hour and a half classes taught by Julia Olguin are phenomenal....bring lots of water to class and be prepared to sweat. this is a great class to get toxins out of your system, and you really do leave feeling like you've just had a really good deep tissue massage.

The Yoga Experience is another nice downtown studio with a good website. Ulla Lundgren started out teaching Ashtanga classes, but has recently become an Anusara devotee! her studio has lots of character. Her classes are usually crowded, but if you don't mind meeting new friends in close quarters, you will probably love her. She is originally from Sweden. Note: this studio is now owned by Erin Widman, as Ulla has moved on to National teaching scene and now lives in Oregon.....Erin is wonderful and has a host of Anusara-inspired teachers teaching at her location.

Northern Arizona Yoga Center is the largest yoga studio in town.  This studio offers more than just yoga...they also host Salsa parties, Tango classes, Capoiera, Pilates, and Tai Chi. They are also a great supplier of yoga clothing and accessories. They are partners with the Vertical Relief Climbing Gym.  Dual memberships are available.

Heart of Prana Yoga is new in town, too, but is not a studio....Laura will arrange a more personal class for your particular group/ family, so if you feel like going on a hiking excursion and stopping for a yoga practice on red rocks, canyons or a creek, check her out! She can pretty much coordinate any type of class for any group in many many different settings, indoors or out. If you are planning a retreat group, Laura could come and do a class just for your group!  From restorative to more vigorous flow classes, meditative to the purely physical, Laura will individualize a yoga experience for your group.

Flagstaff Athletic Club has two locations in Flagstaff, so you're bound to be staying close to one of them if you are in a hotel. Lots of yoga happens at both locations, and they also have childcare and hot tubs! One favourite teacher is Keelyn. She teaches pillow and blanket and gentle flow classes. Maggie is great too if you are up to a very very early class! FAC has big, big yoga facilities...personal space is not an issue here, although the odd clunk from the weight room or thwack from a raquetball class may be an issue.

Mountain Waves Healing Arts is an amazing, serene new space to practice, on the East side of town. So much more than just a studio...they offer many massage and bodywork sessions at this location, along with aquazae and watsu-style water therapies in the only therapy tub in town outside of PT and hospital facilities. They also have intuitive healers, naturopaths, acupuncturists, psychotherapists and counselors in offices in the same building...so you can book yourself in for a healing weekend allright here! The yoga classes are gentle and ego-less...very serene with wonderful intent. They also have core strengthening classes, feldenkrais, tai chi and qi qong on the schedule!

Traditional and therapeutic Iyengar is taught in town at Rhythms of Life studio by yoga teacher and chiropractor Lisa Connor.

Many of these studios are coming together in August 2009 to host the first annual Flagstaff Yoga Festival!

Have fun, yogis and yoginis, but remember, you are at 7000 feet up here in the high desert! Drink lots of water and go easy on yourself. Namaste.