The tourist hotspot on Maui, Wailea was built with tourists in mind. The history of the island chain which hosts it however, has history that runs much deeper than the recent influx of tourism to Wailea.

The islands of Hawaii date back to around 300 BC when Polynesians first arrived from other islands, notably from Tahiti. The islands remained uncharted by the rest of the world until 1778 when the great explorer, capitain James Cook from England discovered them and unfittingly named them the Sandwich Islands after the Earl of Sandwich.

The English were not the only foreginers holding interest in the beautiful islands. The Chinese arrived in 1789 but it was the Polynesisans who remained in conrol. The great King Kamehameha brought all of the Hawaiian islands together to be ruled under his throne in 1810.

More foreigners continued coming to the islands: Japanese, Americans, Portuguese, Koreans. Real history was greatly changed for the islands however, in the year of 1959 when Hawaii became a state of the United States and shortly after tourism began its continuous climb upward.

Wailea has grown to be a major resort town in Maui. Luxury hotels and resorts along with their golf courses have sprouted up in the community as well as beautiful condominiums. The area's incredible beauty brings thousands of vistiors annually.