Topeka has fairly average weather with four distinct seasons.  The summer months can get quite warm (although evenings are generally fairly cool in the summer) and the winter months can get somewhat cold (with snowfall during the coldest months).  Spring and autumn are both wonderful times to visit in terms of the temperature of the area.  Additionally, crops are blooming in the spring and colors are changing in the fall, so the area is particularly beautiful during these seasons.

The average high temperature during the summer months is in the high eighties or low nineties.  At nighttime, this temperature drops by anywhere from ten to twenty degrees.  The average winter low temperature is in the high teens, with daytime temperatures during that season being just above freezing point.

The benefit to traveling to the area during the colder months is that these are the months least likely to see rain.  Of course, these are also the months when rainfall is replaced with snowfall.  Visitors wishing to avoid both rain and snow should head to the area at the very end of the summer season or beginning of the autumn season, when the rains have come to an end.

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