San Francisco Visitor Information Center – lower level of Hallidie Plaza at the Powell St. BART station, 900 Market St. Get brochures, maps, directions and personalized help from a knowledgeable staff.

Official site for visitors to San Francisco: 

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

San Francisco Public Library’s City Guides : (415-557-4266) – for information on free walking tours throughout the city.

TIX Bay Area : offers half-price, day-of-show tickets to live concerts and plays in San Francisco.  A stand is located in Union Square.

San Francisco Bay Guardian - alternative weekly with substantial arts and entertainment listings.

San Francisco Weekly: or pick one up on the street - provides timely information on culture and events across the city.

San Francisco Chronicle - In the city's daily newspaper, look for "96 Hours" on Thursdays for the weekend events listings. Low on cash? Listings will prominently mark free events.

California Welcome Center located at PIER 39. Lots of info on tours and attractions - you can buy tickets here if you want - and a good resource to help with transportation questions and the like.