Wailoa Center is basically an art and culture gallery run by the State of Hawaii and by Cody King the director. It is located in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii behind the King Kamehameha statue. The building is 2 stories and is a dodecahedron(12-sided) but looks circular. The main gallery is on the second floor and can be accessed by a stairwell or an outside ramp. There is a smaller gallery downstairs called the fountain gallery. Every month the displays change so one month you could view the woodturners gorgeous creations and the next month it could be paintings, photography, quilts or dolls. Many people who exercize in the Wailoa State Park will stop by to rest, use the restroom, drink water and view the displays. Schools will bring the kids in on a field trip. The location is also listed as a visitor center so people will stop by and ask directions. The best thing is the admission: FREE. But donations are accepted for a year-end party for the volunteers.