Milwaukee culture is not just beer and more beer, but far more sophisticated than its brewed claim to fame would suggest.

Musically, Milwaukee can boast—and does, its symphony orchestra website justly proclaiming itself “the largest cultural organization in Wisconsin.”  Founded in 1959, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is reputed as one of the best in the country.  Always touring and recording, the MSO maintains a sizeable ensemble comprised of individual musicians of international acclaim.

Milwaukee’s operatic organization is also top-tier, its Florentine Opera Company the state’s oldest establishment in the performing arts and the fifth oldest in the nation.

In the visual arts, the city’s lakefront Art Museum, founded in 1957 from two older art centers, houses millions of dollars worth of paintings along with a theater and food and educational services.  For these reasons, the institute is patronized by hundreds of thousands of donating visitors annually.

The Mitchell Park Conservatory houses botanical art, flowers and other fauna blossoming the city’s art scene since 1967.  Be sure to check the Park’s domes that replicate the climate and environs rare arid and tropical plant life would need in order to grow.

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