Although Port Townsend can boast of more sunny days than perhaps Seattle and Port Angeles, it’s still Washington and it’s on the water… so bring an umbrella, a jacket and be prepared for just about anything.

If you want to travel during the warmest months, then hop on over to Port Townsend during July or August. These are also peak travel months, though, so you’ll likely find more people in this historic town during July and August than in March and April.

If you do travel during July or August, be prepared for highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. There’s a regular windspeed of about 10 mph, which makes this area ideal for sailing, a popular hobby around Port Townsend.

Although Port Townsend doesn’t get the consistent year-round rainfall you’ll find in Seattle, and sometimes even has opposite weather (cloudy and gloomy in Seattle? it's dry and sunny in Port Townsend), you could get rained on at any time of year, so be prepared, just in case.

If you head to Port Townsend during the winter months, you’ll be cold, but not freezing, and might likely get rained on. In January and February, highs average in the low to mid 40s and lows hover in the 30s. Though cold you won’t find here the extremes in temperature and precipitation you might find in the eastern part of the state.