The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry is a free, 20-minute ride across the James River operating 24-hours per day. Visitors travel between Jamestown in James City County and Scotland Wharf in Surry County. Cars, trucks, and motor coaches may travel on the ferry boats. While on the River, travelers enjoy the pelicans, ospreys, eagles and gulls, Historic Jamestowne from the settlers' arriving view, and other boat traffic. During evening trips, folks may enjoy a full moon or star-lit night on the River.

Visitors traveling southbound on Route 31 towards rural Surry will enjoy a day South of the James exploring Surry County attractions and restaurants including Smith's Fort Plantation, College Run Farms, Surrey House Restaurant, Anna's, Colonial Farm House, Edwards Ham Shoppe, Chippokes Plantation State Park, and North America's only surviving example of Jacobean architecture and oldest brick dwelling in British North America, Bacon's Castle. Throughout the year enjoy cotton-blanketed fields, sky-reaching cornfields, soybeans, and the venerable Virginia peanut. You may even see free-ranging hogs.

Visitors traveling northbound on Route 31 towards the Historic Triangle area of Jamestown, Williamsburg, & Yorktown will enjoy a riverboat trip launching their vacation to Virginia's most popular tourist region. Near the ferryboat pier you will see 17th-century sailing ships and a recreated James Fort at Jamestown Settlement and visit the real thing on Historic Jamestowne on the Island. From the 17th-century to Busch Gardens Williamsburg there is something for everyone in the Historic Triangle.

The current Jamestown-Scotland Wharf Ferry system has its origins with Mr. Albert Jester's first automobile ferry crossing on the "Captain John Smith" on Feb. 26, 1925. The Captain John Smith" ferry was 60 feet long and could carry 16 Model-T Fords. Today, the ferry fleet of four boats transports more than 936,000 vehicles annually, 24-hours per day. In 1945 the Virginia Department of Transportation took over operation of the ferry system and today employees more than 90 employees. Highest traffic volumes are during morning and evening commutes, weekends, holidays, and between Memorial Day through Labor Day. Well worth the wait.