Lubbock boasts some unusual architecture.  One has to dig further into the definition of architecture to find examples of it here.  There is a large College of Architecture program at Texas Tech University, that can be found in Lubbock.  The College is training close to 900 future architects in any given year, ready to be unleashed into Texas cities and landscapes. 

There is a wonderful singular vision called the Bruno House, in Ransom Canyon, built by none other than Robert Bruno.

The sometimes operating, working grain elevators are located in and around Lubbock are of interest to see.  They are the truly majestic structures that stand silent and testament to the great plains' states, in the sentiments of Le Corbusier.

The electic Depot District is rather an interesting place to see and experience dining out or drinking out.

The unlikely large built objects in the agriculture fields in the local surrounds are as much of the architecture as any historical or current building, such as the windmills, large circle pivots, the hay drying barns and racks, the feedlot silos and ramps.