Fishing in Galveston

Bay- The main types of fish will be Speckled Trout, Sand Trout, Red Fish, Black Drum, Catfish and Flounder. Fishing is done by drifting and casting various artificial baits or by using live shrimp. This would be the best trip if you are prone to seasickness or would like to be closer to land. You can also arrange to dock and have lunch at Stingaree's in Crystal Beach or at Oak Island Restaurant.

Jetty- This fishing is done by setting an anchor along the jetty and is mainly for Bull Reds, Speckled Trout and Catfish.

Beach Front- Fishing is done by drifting along the coast with fresh dead shad or mullet, finding birds working on a bait ball or finding a working shrimp boat. It is mainly for Black Tip Sharks, Jack Cravelle, Kings, Lings and Tarpon. Species vary by the season. All of these game fish will give you the fight of a life time.

Fishing Piers -  There are a few fishing piers right off the seawall in Galveston. It usually costs money ($10 - usually) to access the piers. Texas requires fishing permits however its known that the game wardens usually dont hassle people on these piers. Use your own judgement. You will need equipment capable for hauling up catches such as a net with a long handle. If you fish at night, while there are lights, you should bring a flashlight.  A simple internet search for Galvestion Fishing Piers will turn up some results. There have been successful fishing from these piers. Be aware the piers can get crowded.