Hurricane Ike became part of Galveston ’s resilient history on September 13, 2008. The third costliest storm in the U.S. flooded 75% of the Island but Galveston has returned to business as usual. All aspects of tourism have returned to the Island with the exception of the Railroad Museum which is still under repair.

Much of Galveston ’s beaches were renourished immediately after the hurricane and visitors have commented that the beaches look better than ever before.

The Historic Downtown Strand and Seaport has welcomed new business to the area and the majority of shops and restaurants were renovated. On the Seawall Galveston is home to two new hotels, and all the favorites are open and have been taking reservations since three weeks after the hurricane.

In residential areas there is still a bit of recovery taking place, however visitors will also find an exceptional example of a strong city through the new tree sculptures adorning the Island ’s neighborhoods. Stroll through Galveston ’s East End to see carvings of the Island ’s historic oak trees into elaborate designs.