If you are flying into Wilmington, you are most likely going to be flying into Wilmington International Airport. The number to call up for general information is (910)-341-4125. This is a pretty small airport, but it is modern and they have all of the accomodations you would expect at a larger airport. There are only two airlines that service the airport. Delta, which flies out of Atlanta, and USAirways. To call Delta for more information, call (800)-282-3424, or visit Delta online. For more information on USAirways, you can call up (800)-428-4322, or you can visit USAirways online. You could also fly into Brunswick County Airport, but this is really just a smaller airport meant for local travel. Another option is to fly to Myrtle Beach International Airport, but this is a bit further away. If you want to take a train to get to Wilmington, you can do so. You can also take a chartered bus to get to the city, and there are several stop along the way that you can get picked up from. Driving is also a good idea on getting to the city, because this way you will have a car to get around if you want to do some day trips in the area. You may also use a boat to get to the city if you have one.