Saratoga Springs is just built on great places to eat.  There are many different types of restaurants, from a good dozen Irish pubs/eateries to Indian, Italian to Southwestern, and cloth napkins to paper napkin picnics to go.  A good way to decide where to eat on any given night is to walk up and down Broadway (Main Route) and read the menus that are posted on almost every window.  Also, at most every main street corner on Broadway, you'll see a sign as big as a person, with a list of what's on that street.  Sometimes you'll see signs featuring menus or entertainment in some of those places.  Just read these signs and follow what looks good.  Commonly in the warm months, many of these pubs/restaurants feature local musical talent to enjoy, just check out the local paper when you get here for a list of that weeks entertainment and where they'll be.  If you enter from the Northway I-87 northbound exit 15, you can follow the directions below which say if the place is on the left or right side of the street.  If you enter from south of exit 15, switch the directions. 

Haweli at Broadway/Route 50.  If you like spice and Asian/Indian cuisine this is a very lovely sit down restaurant with class.  Right side, down past Congress Park/Visitor center.

Irish Pubs- The Parting Glass is a local must mention.  Just off Broadway onto 29, you can't miss this good size restaurant/pub. On a weekend you may hear it first.  This is not for those looking for a pretty cloth napkin quiet place to have good food.  This is an Irish Pub that will make you feel like you just walked onto the emerald green land of Ireland.  They have a lot of local entertainment, including Irish music of course.  Decent Pub fair, great drinks (the Ale is very popular) and fun, festive entertainment that makes you want to yellalong with the rest of them.  Left at Route 29 sign, on your right hand side about 2 blocks down on corner.

Gaffney's.  Another local fun spot with fabulous food.  In the day this place is quiet, and at night and on weekends, prepare for the outside deck and the inside to be filled with people calling "T.G.I.F!" - glad that the office is closed for the weekend.  Again, common weekend entertainment, many local favorites are fought over in this town.  The food itself is worth the visit, with a full menu to choose from. Left side, down a side street on right.

Circus Cafe - This used to be Margharitaville, now it's Circus Cafe. Colorful, literally decorated like a circus, good food.  Located right on Broadway, left side.

Stadium Cafe - sports themed pub, good food and atmosphere for the men especially - right side.                 

Gelato- Italian ice cream called Gelato, it is a completely different taste and texture from American ice cream, so stop in if you have a sweet tooth.  It's a good idea to start with a sample to see what fits your taste.  This is creamier than American ice cream, and contrary to The LIzzie Mcguire Movie, it's not double the sugar.  A little of this ice cream goes a very long way!  They also carry other italian pastries, and sandwiches of the day, including Prosciutto.  Right side. 

If you have never had british chocolate, you can find it at  Celtic Treasures, left side on Broadway. Ok it's not a restaurant, It's an Irish Gift shop, but you can buy their European chocolate that will make your taste for American chocolate change!  As compared to American chocolate, it's creamier and contains less sugar. My family makes me drive 20 minutes just to get this chocolate!

Wheatfields- left side Broadway, this is an at least must watch.  Through the windows you can watch them make their own pasta.  Their homemade pasta is worth the carbs. 

For the health food lovers, left Broadway down side street on left, across from Ben & Jerry's near Congress Park you can find  Four Seasons health food store and deli.  You can shop here for whole weat pasta, soy pasta, soy milk, organic foods and drinks.   They commonly have free samples at the counter.  Organic soaps, oils, etc are also included in this store. Try a wrap on the food side, or a smoothie.

Golden Corral - At exit 15 take a right instead, then a left at the red light towards Walmart.  You have a buffet with everything from southwestern to barbecue, great salad bar, soups, veggies and a full dessert bar.  They will cook a steak, ribs, burgers in front of you varying on the day of the week and what's available.

Applebee's is across the street with Walmart.  Friday's is back on Route 50, instead of turning left at that red light to Walmart, go straight a little further. You'll see the front entrance to Friday's and Panera Bread, (both left) on right is Ninety Nine (similar to Applebee's), Friendly's, and the mall which has a Ruby Tuesday's.

Check out the local paper when you get here, the visitor center usually has stuff worth seeing as well as coupons.  Bon Appetit!