Provincetown is definitely a summer travel destination, and one of the best New England has to offer. Winters can be downright frigid (the weather turns in mid-Autumn and doesn’t quite warm up again until late-May), but cool sea breezes, long days and comfortable nights make summers in P-Town just about perfect for travel. And hey, if it does get a little too hot walking around town, the whole coast is lined with beautiful beaches just begging you to take a refreshing dip. June through September, average high temperatures are in the mid- to high-70s, rarely reaching even 90. Nights typically bring temperatures in the low 60s and high 50s, although once in a while (this is New England weather, after all) Mother Nature will throw a curveball, so definitely count on bringing a light jacket or sweater for going out on the town at night.

It’s no coincidence, then, that most of Provincetown’s major festivals and events take place from late May to Early September, and that whale watches and cruises generally have the same season of operation: the Provincetown International Film Festival and Portuguese Festival are in June, the Provincetown Music Festival is in July, and Jazz Festival and the world-famous Carnival Week is in August.