In the 1600’s, Ogunquit, was established near the Josias River.  Initially, it was only a small fishing village.  Later, in the 1900’s, artists began to settle in the area.  While fishermen and artists do not necessarily seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, it worked in Ogunquit.  The topography made for great fishing and the quiet sleepy town also appealed to the artists.

The latest people to join the artist/fisherman mix are the tourists.  Tourists go to Ogunquit to fish to sit out on the three miles of beaches.  As tourism has increased in the area, so have the proliferation of resorts, spas, hotels, and mini golf courses.

In many ways, however, people come to Ogunquit to forget about history.  Instead, they want a full-service spa, a sea kayak trip, outlet shopping, biking tours, tennis lessons, golf courses, deep-sea fishing trips, stellar hiking, winter sleigh rides, boating opportunities, pristine beaches, and other various things.  When traveling to Ogunquit, you can do all these things at any of the various resorts and spas.