The town of Bath is located on the banks of the Kennebec River in southwestern coastal Maine, and it is home to numerous historic buildings, and has a long maritime culture, much of which is still present today. It is the largest of several nearby communities, and as such is the service hub for employment and other needs in the area. The city has experienced growth in recent years, and this has brought large retailers, chain stores and other signs of progress, but yet Bath has managed to retain much of its traditional charms at the same time.

Today Bath is an extremely safe and inviting town, with a distinct culture and thriving arts scene, including musical theater and other performances throughout the year. The city, which was dubbed a “distinctive destination” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is home to numerous culturally significant buildings, and many of these can be seen on various walking tours throughout Bath.

There are both year-round art galleries in the town along with art shows, as well as seasonal craft fairs and antique shows. These include the Art in the Park at the Bath Library Park, which is held during the Heritage Days. Additionally, the Five Rivers Arts Alliance organizes various art and cultural events including artwalks from May through October. Nearby Bowdin College is also home to a Museum of Art, which is a popular attraction for visitors and residents of the city.