Louisiana can get a very hot and humid climate, so you have to keep in mind that it will be muggy and somewhat uncomfortable if you visit in the spring and summer. Though it is further north than New Orleans, they share common traits in their climates. In the summer it will be very hot and muggy, and most people will just be too tired and hot to do things. If you visit during the fall and winter, it will be a bit cooler and better to go out, but it can also get pretty cold at night. If you are going in the spring or summer, bring shorts and a t-shirt, because wearing anything else is just unnecessary. If you go to Shreveport in the fall or winter, you could walk around in a sweatshirt and pants if you need to, but it won't be too cold. It's advisable to have a light jacket on you as well. Some of the best events happen in the better weather, and during Mardi Gras the city really comes alive. Because of that, even though the weather might not be incredible, it makes the visit to the city that much better and worth going to. You should always check the weather before you go anyway just to know exactly what to pack and how your vacation will play out.