Santa Barbara’s architecture is unique and interesting. With a nod to its Spanish influence, the architecture reflects this natural Spanish look. The homes are built in hillsides and beautifully blend into the natural beauty of the area.

Though no tour is necessary – you can certainly enjoy the interesting architecture of the area by simply driving or waking around – there are a few tours available to help you enjoy this beautiful area.

If you want to do things first class, check out this limousine tour of Santa Barbara.  Taking a local tour is sometimes a good idea if you’re not interested in reading a guide book or hitting up locals for information. Whoever facilitates the tour will likely provide you with interesting information about the area.

If walking is more your things, consider a walking tour put on by the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara. There are several different tours to choose from – like “Off the Beaten Track”, “Stroll Through to the Present”, and “Santa Barbara on Foot”.

Although seeing Santa Barbara’s interesting downtown and its beautiful homes will likely feed your need to enjoy the area’s architecture, don’t overlook the famous Santa Barbara mission. Mission tours are available, or you can scout out the mission on your own (there are a variety of books to help in this process).