Belgian food...NOT Italian!

On the main "strip" in Palm Springs, you will primarily find a number of snacky chain restaurants, several generic trattorias and steakhouses with typical menus. A wonderful Belgian restaurant, Pomme Frite, is easily overlooked by its unassuming frontage. However, inside you will find an intimate and cozy atmosphere, wonderful for dinner, brunch, or dessert with drinks. The owner has prepared a skillful menu ripe with traditional flavors, some light and some rich. 

Flavors and textures are well assembled and the quality of ingredients is high. There are numerous options to choose from for wine or beer (many Belgian brands available), and even among the aperitifs which include Kir, Kir Royale (with champagne), and Petite Kir Royale (with sparkling wine). The menu is similiarly varied in possibilities, but limited for vegetarians who do not eat seafood. Entree standouts include the Chicken Vol au Vent and the mussels, prepared in a range of ways. No doubt, each entree is served along with a whimsical paper cone of crispy, hot pomme frites (ie, "french fries) which originated in Belgium, not France.

Prices are moderate, with entrees ranging about $18-26. Pomme Frite is a welcome and necessary touch of excellence among an otherwise touristy, bland array of eating options. Their website is