George's Greek Deli, located on Pine Avenue between 3rd and 4th Street in the renovated area of downtown Long Beach, is a treat.  About a block and a half from the theaters George's is a great place before or after a movie. 

Frequently George himself is at the entry taking names and giving out hugs to some of his many regular customers.  Since this is Southern California there is outdoor seating with heaters brought out in cold weather.  Cozy indoor tables are treated to walls covered in painting of Greece in the classic blue and white associated with that neck of the woods.

Oh, and the food and service are excellent, too.  The gyro plate with a big salad is a favorite and everyone looks happy when they leave.  The wait staff  and cooks are excellent and most have worked there for awhile.  Have a baklava and Greek coffee for dessert. 

 You can also walk to the back and make an order to go.  Either way, take time to enjoy George's Greek Deli.