The first step in getting to Bora Bora is flying into the capital city of Papeete in Tahiti, via Air Tahiti Nui, Hawaiian Airlines or Air France. Flights from LAX will take 8 hours and if you're taking another airline into LAX, leave yourself at least 3 hours transfer time. Hawaiian Airlines flys out of Terminal 2. Air Tahiti Nui flys out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Air France is currently showing that it flys out of Terminal 2. Verify with the airlines you're booked on which terminal they fly out of at LAX. There is a bus shuttle system at LAX that will transfer you between terminals.

 After arriving in Tahiti, you will need to transfer to Air Tahiti. Your baggage cannot be forwarded to Air Tahiti, so you will need to claim your bags after you proceed through customs. After leaving customs, you may wish to exchange some currency. The Tahitian Bank is open for all incoming flights and can be found just to the left and across the walkway after you come out of customs.

Air Tahiti check-in is to the right after leaving customs. There is a small outdoor cafe next to the check-in area as well as an air-conditioned cafe upstairs. You will see the stairs next to the outdoor cafe.

 Once you arrive in Bora Bora, you will either take the public boat shuttle over to the main island, or some of the resorts provide boat shuttles of their own to take you directly to the resort. Check with your travel agent or the hotel you booked with to see where they meet you. There is no public transportation once you're on the main island, so you need to either make sure your hotel has pick-up plans for you or rent a car, which is right across the street after you get off the public boat transfer from the airport.

When departing from Bora Bora, you will be taken by boat shuttle back to the motu that the airport is on. Most hotels will make sure you know which shuttle to take in order to arrive at the airport on time. Hint: make sure you have some sort of bug spray while you're waiting to board in Bora Bora. The bugs love to bite you while you're sitting there. Once you arrive back at the main airport on Tahiti, you will need to claim your bags.

When you check in for your flight home at the main airport on Tahiti, make sure you give yourself at least 2 hours. The lines can get long, and the counters open 3 hours before departures. After you check in, you will have time to shop around. There are some shops before you go through security and a few after you go through security. There is also a small cafe after security.