There are a wide variety of trails in Ketchikan. Ward Lake has a lovely, relatively flat, trail around the lake for an easy 1 hour or less walk. There are several trail heads nearby. Perseverance Trail is an easy hike on a board walk (keeping you out of the muskeg) up to a lovely lake. Most of the 6th grade classes do it annually. Connell Lake Trail is also accessible from Ward Lake. Another recommended trail which is short and easy is the Lunch Falls Loop Trail which passes by several waterfalls. It takes off from Settler's Cove Campground near the northern end of the road system. The most famous of Ketchikan's trails is Deer Mountain Trail, which is a majestic peak overlooking the town. It is not one for the faint of heart and requires a good portion of the day depending on your conditioning, but the view is exceptional on a clear day. Another option for a trail with a view which is less strenuous, is Rainbird Trail running from the college along the hillside to Third Avenue. There are several places to access it.