Doctors say walking is one of the best ways to keep in shape! It lowers blood pressure and burns lots of calories! Tamarindo is a great to get the physical benefits of walking, and not renting a car. Besides, think of the money you save and the hassle avoided!

Some people feel insecure without a car, but if you can, get over this feeling. Imagine a whole week without driving! What a pleasure! No traffic, no gas stations, no getting lost, problems! If you absolutely need a rental car, consider renting one for just a day. Many tourists get along just find using local transportation companies for airport transfers, tours, etc.

With airport transfer companies like Xplore Costa Rica they can speed out of the airport and take you directly to your hotel, no need to visit a rental car counter. All of them, can also take you to any tour in the area, without getting lost. The larger the group the more sense it makes to rent a car, but first contact a transportation company to see if they can work out a special group rate.

Tamarindo is situated on two main streets that parallel the coastline, combined they're only 1.5 kilometers long! The roads are mostly flat so they are an ideal place for walking. They sometimes find themselves ducking and dodging cars and walking around the mud (in July). Even better, it's just as convenient to walk on the beach to wherever your going! Drive a car or walk on a tropical beach? Those are the choices? 

Here is a Tamarindo Costa Rica Map so you can see how the main roads parallel the beach. so walk on the beach whenever possible - much nicer! Also, there is something extra, vacation-like carrying a small bag of groceries and walking home in the sand. You can also check out - a site where you view routes for walks, runs, hikes, and bike rides.