There are two international airports in Costa Rica. The closes airport to Tamarindo is the Daniel Oduber International Airport. The airport, like Tamarindo is in the Guanacaste province; it is in Guanacaste's capital city of Liberia. This airport has seen major growth in recent years and so upholds to tourist standards. 

The other international airport in Costa Rica is the San Jose International Airport in the Central Valley, located just outside San Jose. There are daily flights connecting San Jose to Liberia. Busses also make the trek from San Jose to Tamarindo on a daily basis.

Once at the Liberia airport there are several options for arrival in Tamarindo: Rental cars, shuttles, taxis, or hotel transportation.  Xplore Costa Rica is a popular option for direct service from the airport directly to the beach town.

Renting a car in Costa Rica is an easy feat as there are numerous international rental services available at both airports, including:

When renting a car, it is strongly suggested to get a 4X4 for trekking through the various terrains of Costa Rica. For the best rates however, traveling around, or to and from Tamarindo, a bus is your best bet. Check with for trip details or for schedules.

A note on renting a car in CR. There is a  mandatory insurance charge, some of which can be waived if you pay with a platinum credit card. Over the past few years it has been between $9 and $13 a day. Also if you rent a small budget type 4x4 be prepared to suffer on the bumpy roads.