Located only 9 degrees above the equator and sea-level, Tamarindo gets lots of direct sunlight and enjoys warm ocean currents. Overall, Tamarindo has one of the warmest and driest climates in Costa Rica. High and low seasons are determinined by rainfall and temperatures.

Low season or the wet season lasts approximately from May through October. September and October have the most rain and the coolest temperatures. Remember the climate in Tamarindo is basically dry, so we're  not talking about much rain. 

High season is November - December - January when the light rains subside, and before the temperatures rise. It's usually pretty dry. The later in November your vacation, the more likely you will avoid a rain shower.

If you're planning a vacation more than a few weeks away, the most accurate way to plan for a vacation is looking at  Weather Charts.

Accuweather for Tamarindo