Costa Rica, before it was discovered by Spain, was inhabited by several tribes of people. The Carib, Borucas, Chibchas, and Diquis were all indigenous to this area, but over time and Spanish colonization, their numbers dwindled. The Spaniards and the slaves they brought to the island are who, for the grand majority, repopulated the land of Costa Rica. Costa Ricans of Spanish descent are known as "ticos" and are the majority of the race; relations amongst different races, in general, are good.

The culture of the people can be described as friendly and generous. Costa Ricans receiving guests in their home will overwhelm with their desire to please and offer small gifts. Hospitality is truly important and gratitude is expected.

Costa Rica's culture in the political world is more stable than many others in Central America. Residents take much pride in their first elected president, Oscar Arias Sanchez whose efforts for peace and positive relations for the countries that make up Central America, got him awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987. He was re-elected president in 2006.

Tamarindo is known for being a relaxed beach town, with the idyllic temperature and scenery, how could it not? Today it is not only a top tourist destination, but also a popular place for students studying Spanish lanugage and Costa Rican culture.