The Tica bus does service the Nicoya penninsula; however, this is a better option for traveling around larger Costa Rica as there are limited options within Nicoya itself. Taxi, rental car and walking are the primary means of transport here. Taxis are usually unlicensed but if you see an orange car with the word “Aeropuerto” on it, this is an official airport taxi and can usually be trusted to give you a fair fare. Otherwise, be sure to discuss the price in advance as drivers may overcharge you at the end of a ride when passengers have no choice but to pay.

If you plan on driving a rental car, purchase insurance from the airport or rental company. The roads in Costa Rica are not the world’s safest, because street signs are inconsistently placed and even traffic lights are sometimes partially concealed. Drive slowly until you get used to the roads and don’t assume that other drivers are looking out for you. Walking is a pleasant way to get around some of Nicoya’s beaches and national parks, but if you happen upon any roads, keep in mind that pedestrians don’t have the right of way.

It is also possible to get around the Nicoya peninsula by boat. There are a number of regularly scheduled passenger boats traveling along the penninsula, especially from the town of Puntarenas to Nicoya.