Jiuxian is one of the few villages near Yangshuo that still has a collection of well preserved Qing Dynasty houses. The fortified houses along the front edge of the village overlooking the rice paddies have small slit windows ideal for firing at would-be intruders. Through the village gate lining the stone paths there are many beautiful houses inhabited mainly by older villagers these days. It is a pity that many of the old architectural houses are being demolished and replaced by new buildings. The Li Family Ancestral Hall and Guomingtang General's house can be visited for a small donation. There is even an art gallery in one of the old grey brick houses. There are a couple of local restaurants here and a few small, unobtrusive hotels have opened recently for those who want to escape the crowds in Yangshuo. The village is close to the Yulong River and a popular bamboo rafting and swimming spot in Xiatang. Jiuxian is an ideal place to stop on a bike ride from Yangshuo to the Yulong bridge or Baisha market.

The couple of restaurants in Juixian offering local dishes where ingredients come directly from the farm. The qualities of the food are acceptable and the prices reasonable.

Jiuxian ancient village can be reached by road from Yangshuo or by two hours bamboo rafting from Yulong rafting Pier. It is an ideal day trip from Yangshuo to Juixian , comprising of two hours bamboo rafting along Yulong river and a visit to Jiuxian ancient village for lunch then drive back to Yangshuo.